El Cabo Gómez and The Unexpected Homecoming of a Puerto Rican Soldier

In September of 1951 El Diario de Nueva York published a picture of Gómez receiving medical treatment at the Walter Reed Military Hospital in Maryland. In the photograph he was learning how to use his new prosthetic limbs.

El Cabo Gómez, as the press referred to him, was born in Aibonito Puerto Rico. He lost his two legs and one arm in Korea due to a direct mortar hit the previous year. The Puerto Rican press highlighted that Corporal Gómez was the first soldier in the U.S. military to lose three limbs. While this may sound macabre, those wounded in war have a long history of becoming living examples of the sacrifices made for the nation.

Read more at: http://centropr.hunter.cuny.edu/centrovoices/chronicles/el-cabo-g%C3%B3mez-and-unexpected-homecoming-puerto-rican-soldier

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