I’m a historian by training, a professor of History by day and a public intellectual, cultural critic, and blogger by night.

In my academic work I specialize in 19-20 century Puerto Rican, Caribbean, Latino, and Latin American History.  My work addresses issues of race, gender and identity within imperial-colonial relations, nation building projects, the creation of national identities, and the impact of military institutions in society, culture, and politics.

I have a forthcoming book, Soldiers of the Nation: Military Service and the Creation of Modern Puerto RicoUniversity of Nebraska Press.

You can find my academic work at: http://www.academia.edu/

I also write and blog about current issues, from politics to foreign policy, military matters, identity, race and privilege, and anything that I think worth commenting on.   Hey, I haven’t been called “loud and opinionated” for nothing.

You can find my most popular works in;


Latino Rebels    http://www.latinorebels.com/author/harryfranquirivera/

Centro Voices  http://centropr.hunter.cuny.edu/centrovoices/meet-the-authors/harry-franqui

80 Grados  http://www.80grados.net/author/harry-franqui-rivera/

Follow me @hfranqui

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