The Puerto Rican Debt Narrative “Onthe Media” NPR

A misleading national ad campaign portrays the Puerto Rico debt crisis as a case of makers versus takers. It’s the latest chapter in a long narrative about the territory’s ability to govern itself.

But the message that Puerto Rico should pull itself up by its own bootstraps ignores the fact that Congress has had control of those bootstraps for 118 years. Harry Franqui-Rivera of The Center for Puerto Rican Studies at the City University of New York talks to Bob about the history of the U.S. relationship with Puerto Rico — from the Spanish-American War in 1898, to Cold War propaganda in the Caribbean, to the narrative of the current crisis.

Song: Lamento borincano – by Orquestra Serenata Tropical 


Listen to the podcast:



  1. I much enjoyed Dr Franqui-Rivera’s information and analysis. Unfortunate that his interviewer was more interested in sharing his simplistic notions of imperialism than in addressing the complexities noted by his guest.

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  2. I appreciate the comment Jim S. But I have to say that the host was more interested on the narratives presented by media on Puerto Rico because that is the focus of the program. That being said, it was quite interesting having this exchange on radio.


  3. Viva Puerto Rico,am from ponce live in the United States for 25 year love my culture and my people am a technical supervisor in 3 different estate with base in NYC. we can do this mi gente

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  4. is the comment are negative and nothing educational in the social media that how others ethnic group values the group in common why the no speak about the Puerto Rica that work an value that


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