From the Desk of Harry Franqui-Rivera: My Lisa Simpson Moment

Dr. Harry Franqui-Rivera is an Associate  Professor of History at Bloomfield College, New Jersey. He is also a public intellectual, political analyst, cultural critic, blogger and NBC, Latino Rebels, and Huff Post contributor. His book Soldiers of the Nation is now available in paperback.

Writing Soldiers of the Nation

I have been interested in military history since I can remember. As a I kid, I devoured history books and encyclopedias on WWII, WWI, ancient warfare… I also watched every black and white film on WWII. While watching one of those films with my older siblings I noticed an American willy jeep with a small U.S. flag. I asked, “where is the Puerto Rican flag?” My siblings laughed but did not have an answer for me. That question would eventually guide my research. Once in college it did not occur to me to study Puerto Rican history because the way it had been taught to me it was like nothing ever happened in Puerto Rico, at least nothing interesting.

See the whole article here:

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