For the Diaspora, Desperation and an Utter Sense of Impotence After Hurricane María Ravages Puerto Rico

Desperation and an utter sense of Impotence.

Those are the common denominators for state-based Puerto Ricans (the Diaspora) after Hurricane María wreaked havoc through our beloved archipelago.

The desperation of not being able to contact our relatives and friends in Puerto Rico. The desperation of not knowing of their fates.

And that sense of crippling impotence that comes from not knowing how can we best help our loved ones and the whole island. Yes, the whole island because in times like these, Puerto Ricans have been known to come together as one regardless of class difference, racial animosity, political tendencies and geographical distance.

And this time is not different.

Leaders from traditional centers of the Puerto Rican diaspora have already stated their intention to help with the search, rescue, and relief efforts. Federal agencies and the military are on the ground restoring communications. But it will take more than that for Puerto Rico to get back on its feet.

Hurricane María punished Puerto Rico like no other natural disaster has since at least 1928, when Hurricane San Felipe crippled the island. For what I have seen and heard, when the total loss is tallied, María will break this mark as well. Maria is a natural catastrophe of such magnitude that is has created a humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico which will only get worse in the coming weeks

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