Black Storm Troopers? There goes the Galaxy, far, far away.

First, White supremacists complained because  Storm Troopers “are not black and everybody knows that.”


Actor John Boyega is seen in a teaser trailer for the upcoming movie “Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens”

Right? Well, apparently some Star Wars’ fans don’t know jack about the series.

Storm Troopers come in all colors, like Benetton (and equally stylish).  So maybe White supremacists  were thinking about Clone Troopers?

But let’s see, are Clone Troopers white? Hum, let’s see who is the clones’ army DNA  donor.

Introducing Temuera Morrison, better know as Jango Fett!


Is he white? Maybe not.

So where is this “whua whua, I want my Storm Troopers to be White, they have always been White!” coming from?

Oh, I think I got it!  Those boycotting Star Wars are thinking about  the “other” Storm Troopers. Yes those were pretty white. An honest mistake I guess.


But sorry boys. We will keep our far far away Galaxy multi-pigmented. I

May the Force not be with you and keep your Storm Troopers straight!  Well, you know what I mean- I’m sure that a good chunk of them… Oops, sorry for ruining your fantasy of legions of White Male Heterosexual Storm Troopers (nothing more homoerotic than that)- they only exist in George Limbaugh’s craziest fantasies.


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