Modern Slavery and Starving Wages

If a person works for wages so low that he/she can’t afford decent housing, food, health, education and leisure time and must depend on government assistance to barely get by, they are not workers but slaves.

If you are against living wages not only are you supporting a system that enslaves workers but you are enslaving yourself. You are defending a system that creates obscene wealth for the few and rewards those who find the best way to exploit the labor of human beings.

You are in the middle looking at the top and thinking that one day you will be up there. You look down demonizing, criminalizing and policing those under you.

You blame them because you think that the taxes you pay go to them, to solve problems they created on their own.

But you are wrong. The real masters are above you and have convinced you that those at the bottom are stealing from you when in reality it is the masters whom have stolen everything from those at the bottom and then passed you the bill.

And the masters ask you to hate them and to whip them , and you comply, because you want to be like the masters. I hope I’m wrong about you.

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