Flags of Treason, Hatred and White Supremacy

Flags of Treason, Hatred and White Supremacy

The election of a Black president in 2008 triggered a backlash from white supremacists. The most rabid racists are easy to identify and counter, for they are open about their motivations and hatred for non-whites. Other white supremacists are more subtle and rally around catchy phrases such as “cultural heritage,” “taking back our country,” and other coded slogans which poorly hide their hatred for non-white folks. It is not coincidental that the American obsession with guns has reached unparalleled levels during Obama’s presidency, as it is tied to the white-supremacist backlash. Conservative media, politicians, elected officials and conservative religious figures have either excused or supported the white-supremacist revival. In fact, they have legitimized it. All these factors led to the massacre at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston South Carolina.

There are too many factors to discuss in detail so I will focus on a symbol that encapsulates all of them. That icon is the confederate battle flag (no caps needed).

Find whole article at Huff Post:


Confed Nat Flag

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