War among All Puerto Ricans: The Nationalist Revolt and the Creation of the Estado Libre Asociado of Puerto Rico

Repeating Islands

albizu-camposFollowing up on our previous posts on the wildly popular new book by Nelson A. Denis, War against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony (Nation Books, 2015)  [see previous posts New Book: Nelson A. Denis’  “War against All Puerto Ricans” and New book ‘War Against All Puerto Ricans’ tells unknown tale of U.S.-Puerto Rico conflict] here are excerpts from a three-part article recently published on U.S. Studies Online (British Association for American Studies) which examines in detail the Puerto Rican Uprising of 1950. The series of blog posts—War among All Puerto Ricans (riffing on Denis’ tilte)—is part of Harry Franqui-Rivera’s manuscript, Fighting for the Nation: Military Service and Modern Puerto Rican National Identities, 1868-1952 (to be published by University of Nebraska Press.) Here is an excerpt from “War among All Puerto Ricans,” Part Three:

The battle in Puerto Rico was over. By no means had it been bloodless…

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  1. Will like for you Mr. Franqui-Rivera to write about the FBI files on Albizu Campos. How he and his family were continously watched, followed, phones bug, etc.
    Albizu Campos daughter spoke in a radio program, “La Voz Del Centro”, about the many attempts on her father’s life, starting when she was a small child.
    Wish for you to write and research the torture he received in jail. It has been proven without a shadow of a doubt, that something was done to Albizu Campos in jail. There is evidence he was tortured.
    If we are living in a democracy, and I hope we still are,
    Individuals have a right to their political ideas and not be put in jail or tortured for them.


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